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We are above all a cultural and humanitarian association.
In 2019 we organized the first Vietnam and Asia Voice festival in July in Lyon.

We also participated in 2019 in humanitarian events to raise funds for an orphanage in Vietnam.

The second edition, which was to take place in July 2020 in Lyon, could not take place because of the health crisis.

To succeed in our organization of events and in the idea of bringing people from Vietnam, we are going to create an office of the association "Asia New Generation Vietnam" in Hanoi, this will allow us to be in direct contact with the people of Vietnam. People of the country.

The Hanoi office will be held by our Vice-President Ms. HOANG THI LUU XA (Ca si SA SA).

We are going to set up initiation weekends on different themes such as traditional music, modern music, singing, cooking, martial arts and everything that touches Vietnam directly or indirectly, by bringing in associations or professional persons.

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